Friday, December 24, 2010

Facebook Working Tips

Today I  want to cover some interesting things you can do on Facebook
 inclusive of tricks that are not documented or unknown to many, as well as tips to stay connected better with your friends. Without further delay lets start.
Here are the interesting tips/tricks related to Facebook, please feel free
to share in the comment box below.

How to Download Facebook Photo Albums:

It allows you to download your friends facebook Album,Event Album with a click of button.
here's the screenshot.

Hide Your Online Status on Facebook Chat from Select Contacts

If you are connected with too many people on Facebook and need to hide your online status on Facebook Chat from certain contacts, here’s some help.
Facebook has integrated friends list with Chat and you can also choose which of these list members get to see you online.
go offline chat
So you can stay visible to your family members and close friends while the rest of your Facebook friends won’t know if you are logged into Facebook.
Earlier you had to completely turn off Facebook chat in order to hide your online status from other contacts.
The Facebook chat window has easy sliders so you can easily toggle your online status for any friends list in a click.

How to Access Facebook Chat on Desktop

Gabtastik  ,digsby :
They let you keep Facebook chat sessions open on your Windows desktop outside of your regular web browser, using minimal screen real estate and system memory.

How to Get Facebook on Your Desktop

Seesmic Desktop, Facebooker, Xobni, Facebook Sidebar Gadget, Scrapboy and Facebook AIR application are desktop applications that allows you interact with your stream just as you would on Facebook, but without the browser.


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