Monday, March 21, 2011

Free Page Analysis Tools

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hear are the best tools for free seo page analysis
which can provides you great information about your websites and which will give you backlink in a instanat  .

Website Grader from HubSpot

Website Grader is one of my favorite tools on the list because of how helpful and usable it is. You’ll get a lengthy report broken into various sections with an evaluation of the page and recommended changes. While the grade is helpful to know where you stand, the suggestions are more valuable because they help you to identify areas for improvement, and many of them can be pretty simple.

Trifecta from SEOmoz

One of the more unique tools in this list, Trifecta will analyze a page, a blog, or an entire domain based on slightly different criteria. Trifecta will produce numbers based on a variety of factors and it will give you an overall score. Without a pro membership you’re limited to one report per day.

Spider Simulator from Summit Media

This tool will give you a good idea of how search friendly you site is, and it will also give you a percentage rating. It bases the rating on factors like meta tags, use of headers, images and alt tags, load time, and links.

Web Page Analyzer from

This free tool will give you plenty of information to work with. It will test how long the page takes to load, how many objects are on the page, the size of the objects and more. The most helpful part of the report that is produced is the “Analysis and Recommendations” section where it will list 11 aspects of the page and give you a rating. Red items are warnings, yellow items are cautions, and green items are good.

SEO Analysis Tool

Get a lengthy and detailed report from this tool. It will analyze things like your meta tags, keywords, and anchor text on the page. It’s a good resource for getting a nice overall look at the SEO of your page.

The Escape’s Web Page Analyzer

This tool will help you to identify problems with heading structure, links, use of keywords and content. It’s not as detailed of a report as some of the others, but the information that’s provided is helpful and it features a better presentation than most other tools.

Seed Keywords

Seed keywords offers a “plain English SEO review” that analyzes certain aspects of a page and makes recommendations. It provides a basic explanation of why elements that are analyzed will impact the SEO of the page.

Web Page Analyzer from

This tool gives you a general overview of the page and a number of specifics that have been analyzed. Like many of the other tools, it will analyze your meta tags and make suggestions if it finds that any improvements are needed. It also looks at the size of the page and the load time, keywords in the anchor text of the page, keywords in alt tags, and the keyword density.

Web Page Analyzer from Webmaster Toolkit

This Web Page Analyzer will allow you to specify a URL and a targeted phrase for search engines, and it will give you some feedback on how well the page is optimized for this phrase.

Link Appeal from Webmaster Toolkit

Do you want to see if a certain page (on your site or on someone else’s) is valuable place from which to get a link? Enter the URL and it will give a score based on a few factors like PageRank and number of outbound links.

Full Page Test from Pingdom Tools

This tool from Pingdom will analyze a number of aspects of the page, including load time, objects, CSS, RSS, redirects and more.

Enter a URL and a targeted keyword or search phrase and you’ll get a basic report that will give you an indication of how well you are doing in competing for that phrase.

Web Page Speed Test from Self SEO

This is a simple way to see how your pages compare to those of other sites. You can enter up to ten URLs to test at one time, which makes it easy to see how your pages stack up.

Similar Page Checker

Help to detect and avoid duplicate content penalties from search engines by comparing two pages to see how similar they are, from the perspective of a search engine. If they’re too similar you can make modifications to distinguish them and avoid having them seen as duplicates.


The Firebug add-on for Firefox provides a number of development tools. For the purposes of analysis, Firebug will allow you to monitor and debug HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from within your browser.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google provides a number of helpful analytical reports within Webmaster Tools. You can see which phrases your ranking well for, what pages are causing problems for Google when crawling your site, which pages are getting the most links, and much more.


Web CEO is a full suite of premium tools for optimization and analysis; however, there is also a free version available for download. The free tools will help you to get started with optimizing your site according to its recommendations. With the free version you can get keyword suggestions for your site, optimize your pages, check your rankings, and more.
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