Sunday, March 13, 2011

How to get Free & fast traffic for long time

hello friends,
all who are blogging or have website they all know how important is to have traffic to their site.
because by this we all get our revenue  for instance we create fast traffic by ping or by traffic exchang we may get traffic but what about clicks.
so for that i will share this grate trick for creating free and fast organic traffic....
this plan have some phase which you have to follow if you follow them correctly you we see after some days
the traffic to your site will increase and it is increasing .
so what we need to follow
1. an email accounts in gmail,hotmail & hotmail.
2.a browser which can save tor password i will propose you firfox on the 1st part  you have to creat account on some site this are some great site for websits and blog
which not only gives you backlinks but it help to genrate more traffic and to make your blog or site famous and to get long lasting traffic.
now when your done with creating account to this site for link list that have taken 1-2 hours.but after this you have to post your good post to their site with your link.i propose submit all articles that will take 5-10 min to each site.
after doing that you will finish with phase A. we will move to next phase.we all know that blog should have backlink for having traffic.
but creating backing isn,t that easy so what we should to pay them for backilnk..i suggest we dont have to do that.
in this phase i have provided number of quick approval dictionaries which approve you site maximum 1 or 2 weeks and they have great page ranks. so go for it .i know it will take time but if you work 2 hour daily i will complete in week upto by then you have already recived number of backilnk. we are moving to next phase . as you all know or site and blog have feed to it and now a days people read feed and it is great to have now we r reapeting the phase A but this time we are doing for feed
hear i provide some link list if you have follw all the above step you have getting great organic traffic but their are something we can do and that is subbmiting our popular post to article dictionaries that will boost you traffic and give you copyrights on you articles.
hear are some link to do so.
E. now last but not list we have to maintain our traffic.we what we should do .
their is some seo tools for blog that can help us to creat more backlinks....
i have provide and recomanded this
and some are the seo tools for articls
i have recomanded this
F.what else now now a days come when people stay now social networking side more time and they go as they see i propose you to create  accounts on them with the name of your site that not only gives you traffic but it will increase your popularity....
A.facebook fan page
for them if you have to get good response you can use my trick to do so
hear it is go
thank you friends if you complete this and you have benefit comment and click on ads   
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