Friday, March 25, 2011

Operate Firefox faster with Shortcuts

These are short and simple tips to make browsing easier. Middle-click refers to pushing down the mouse wheel in the center of your mouse, if your mouse wheel does not support middle-clicking then Crtl+left-click works the same. Laptops utilize both left+right-click as the middle-click button.

Open a blank 'New Tab'
Double-click empty space on the Tab Bar

Open a bookmark in a new tab
Middle-click on the bookmark

Close a tab
Middle-click on the tab will close it

Open your homepage in a new tab
Middle-click on the homepage button to open your homepage in a new tab

Navigate tabs with the keyboard
Ctrl+Tab to navigate tabs to the right.
Crtl+Shift+Tab to navigate the tabs to the left.
Even quicker way is Ctrl+[# of tab]

Set mutliple Home pages
Tools---->Options--->General and seperate each page with the pipe | symbol
(Shift+button above the enter button)

Rearrange add/remove Icons on the toolbar
Toolbars: View--->ToolBars--->Customize

Let Firefox complete web addresses for you
Type in something like 'yahoo' in the address bar and hit:
Ctrl+Enter to add . before and .com after the text
Similarly, Shift+Enter will add . and .net
and Ctrl+Shift+Enter will add . and .org

Bookmark the current page
3 Simple ways:
  • Hit Ctrl+D,
  • drag the icon from the location bar to your Bookmarks folder,
  • or you can drag the icon to the desktop to make an shorcut for that page

Increase/Decrease font size
Hold Ctrl AND press + or -

Save all open tabs in a bookmark folder
Ctl-D or Bookmarks--->Bookmark This Page, select the "bookmark all tabs in a folder", then select or create a folder

Stop animated gifs from moving
Press the ESC key

Bookmark an Livebookmark (RSS Feed) if the site offers them
Click the orange button on the status bar and select 'subscribe to rss feed'

Add a keyword for a bookmark
You can give "keywords" to your bookmarks by right-clicking the bookmark and then Properties. If you put a string in the keyword field now you can type that keyword in the address bar and it will go to that bookmark. For example, if I have a bookmark for Fox News website, I might give it the keyword "news". Now, when I type "news" in the address bar and hit 'enter', the Fox News site is loaded.
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